Zenorita (grown up)

Zeñorita Cebra is the daughter of Victor and Zecora and Marty's cousin. Her dragon, a Windscraper is Fuego Lagarto.

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Zeñorita continues to help the riders out on their many adventures. Then, in " " she has gained some talking tools that she carries around with her on their adventures

Personality Edit

She speaks with an African accent like her mother and knows some Spanish she has learned from her father. She has also learned a few things from her cousin Marty and her honorary brother Kevin. She is a calm, and very polite zebra. But if her family and friends are in trouble she won't stop at anything to help them. And she'll use any skill she knows to succeed.

Physical Appearance Edit

Zeñorita Cebra is a female zebra but with a unique colored coat. Where her front half is light grey with dark gray stripes like her mother, but the other half is red with black and yellow stripes like her father. While her muzzle is colored black, while her mane is colored black and white and she has a black and white tail. But she has her mother's eyes. Her name is a play on words, "Zebra and Señorita" her full name is actually Spanish for "Miss Zebra." Like her mother, she wears golden rings on her neck and forelegs and also has golden ear rings. And has a healing brew bowl with a wench for a cutie mark.

Skills and Abilities Edit

She's good at repairing machines like her father and she can make healing brews like her mother. She can fix anything and make anything. She carries around tools and brew making supplies in her knapsack so she can use them when needed. Using her skills she has created a lot of things. And she is very strong with the Force, and

Inventions and brews she created Edit

  • Purple spice bombs
  • Smoke bombs
  • Pain relief drinks
  • Novout

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