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Sugar Sprinkles
is a cat who lives inside the Sweet Truck.

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Sugar appears to be very laid-back, cool tempered, and very calm. She is never worked up over anything and has a very apologetic demeanor, apologizing in advance for things and complimenting others, as well as letting them lick her, due to her sugary-sweet taste and all the pets love the sprinkles on her head.

But when she has no sprinkles on her head, she suddenly becomes uncharacteristically grumpy and aggressive.

Physical Appearance Edit

She is tan-colored with white arms and muzzle, and bright blue eyes. Around her neck, most of her tail, bangs, and outer-ear coloring are a dark shade of pink.

She wears a small blue bow on her head, attached to white hair that resemble dollops of cream. On her bangs and tail are multiple sprinkles.

Main Weaponry Edit

  • Frommer Stop Pistol
  • RT-32 Blaster

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