Silverstream, or Silver Stream, is a female Hippogriff/seapony whom is the niece of Queen Novo, cousin of Princess Skystar, Daughter of Ocean Flow and Sky Beak, older sister of Terramar, and a Je'Daii Youngling. Her dragon; a "Sealian Orcora" is named

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Silverstream is shown to be rather hyperactive and very curious about the world around her, supposedly taking after her cousin Skystar.

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Silverstream has Moderate blue violet eyes, light cornflower blue, light cornflower bluish gray for manes and pale magenta around her body.

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Lightsaber Combat: Silverstream is very skilled Lightsaber combat, being trained in all seven Lightsaber combat forms. But, her preferred method of dueling is with acrobatics and strict defensive moves. Silverstream is also very skilled in deflecting Blaster bolts at fast speeds. Sometimes so fast, she is pratically invisaile. Her skills in Lightsaber combat would come into play when dueling Manacore, his Inquisitors or any other foe as she was quick and zanny to keep up with them.

Force Skills: Silverstream is very high in the Force. As she can perform the many tricks that a Je'Daii Knight could, but her Elecktric Judgement sometimes isn't as effective in sometimes, and sometimes she struggles to perform it, as she has not yet mastered it.

Other skills: Silverstream is skilled in is using her claws as fighting weapons in most times. And while she is not fond of using firearms or blasters she does have marksmanship skills. And being in seapony form, Silverstream can swim at high speeds. Even to where she can keep up with Willy, Dolphy, Sharky, or Mako (whom are very fast swimmers themselves).

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