Sargeant Savage

Sargent Savage is a BTD (Battle Terminator Droid) that is one of Bradey O'Diesel's accountants, and he leads her droid army.

Bio Edit

When Bradey had her droid army constructed she decided to make them a leader. So she created a six-armed Battle Terminator Droid, named Savage. He had his arms and legs made of liquid metal while his body itself was made of machine phase matter. And then she trained him with Lightsaber combat. And he joined in other battles, he took five other lightsabers as trophies. He then would engage Jedi Masters Jasmine, Merida, an unnamed Jedi Master Unicorn, Pegesus Jedi Knight, and earth pony padawan, and overwhelmed all of them killing of the Unicorn Jedi Master, Pegasus Jedi Knight, and Earth Pony Padawan taking their Lightsabers as trophies. While Jasmine and Merida escaped and gave their report of the Droid commander to the Council.

Personality Edit

Savage is cold and ruthless, never showing mercy to any enemy. He is very arrogant, but also has a somewhat cowardly side; he tends to flee when the tide is against him. Despite this, he is also quite relentless; he is totally determined to destroy the enemies of his boss, and will sometimes fight them even when he is in a bad condition. He also has a hatred over humans, equines, etc: and believes they are too weak to fight for themselves. He especially is cruel to many animals.

Main weaponry Edit

  • Red Sith Lightsaber
  • Orange Lightsaber
  • Yellow curved hilt lightsaber
  • Green lightsaber
  • Blue lightsaber
  • Purple lightsaber
  • BN-55 Blaster Pistol

Abilities and Skills Edit

Savage is an extremely powerful and deadly fighter, being one of the most proficient Jedi hunters to exist. He is extremely proficient at wielding lightsabers, using his own unique form, which utilizes extremely fast barrages of strikes and more powerful blows to overwhelm his enemies. Savage can split his arms in thirds, giving him six arms to fight with and can spin his torso, arms, and wrists in deadly, blindingly fast storms of death. Savage can even use his feet just as well as his hands and his ability to wield his lightsabers in this unorthodox and fast flowing style makes him able to hold his own against several opponents at once.

But due to being made of liquid metal and machine phase matter, he has the ability to imitate other beings after sampling physical contact. And he is immune to gunshots from conventional firearms.

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