Ruby Ladle
Ruby Ladle
is Silver Spoon and Golden Watch's daughter and Golden Tiara's Cousin.

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Like her mother and father, Ruby Ladle is very selfish, snobby, and rude. She believes she's better than other ponies because she is rich also. She is also very self centered and thinks lowly of "commoners." And often comes up with the most rude names to call them.

Appearance Edit

Ruby Ladle has a close resemblance to her mother, but instead has blue and periwinkle hair. A ruby necklace, a Ladle with a ruby handle for a cutie mark. But then in " " she lost her left forearm in a duel and it was later replaced with a cybernetic one.

Main Weaponry Edit

  • 2 Walther P38 Pistols
  • Red/Gray dual phased Lightsaber

Trivia Edit

  • While Silver Spoon targets the CMC and their allies, Ruby Ladle targets Button Mash & Sweetie Belle's children (and sometimes the Crystal Crusaders)
  • Ruby Ladle makes her appearance in The Beginning Adventure II: The New Threat

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