Ropin' Rider
Ropin' Rider
is a cowboy earth stallion Jedi Knight that is a survivor of Order 66, and a member of The JKSH. Who later becomes the love interest (later husband) of Apple Bloom

Backstory Edit

Ropin' Rider used to live in a Western town "Elevenwood" and was the son of the Sheriff "Riverbank Bob", and was training with the Jedi among the town. Then when he turned 16, his Pa made him a Deputy of the town. But then when Order 66 was issued, Some of the troops came to his town, and he lead the Jedi in the town to a shuttle and sent it to a safer passage while Rider himself left the town, and after a long journey, he meet up with the other Members of The JKSH and joined their team.

Bio Edit

For 15 years, Ropin' stuck with his stallion colleges on the

Personality Edit

Ropin' is a very quick witted stallion, coming from a father who is a sheriff he tries to help him uphold the law and believes anyone who is accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. And will not arrest anyone until he can prove the being is guilty of the crime. Ropin' also uses his western smarts to try and figure out how to outsmart villains and enemies. And when it comes to other cowfolk, they always claim that Ropin' has some true grit when he faces the toughest situations. Then after meeting Apple Bloom, Ropin' demonstrates how he is taught to respect gals. And then after having a son and daughter, he latter teaches them both all the tricks his pa taught him.

Appearance Edit

Ropin' Rider is a male stallion with a brown coat, and has amber and orange hair with his hair cut short and has a bit rough on the back of his head. And has his tail cut short. And has light amber eyes. While his cutie mark is a spinning lasso with a gun in the hoop. As he wears a brown stetson, with a rustle leather vest where he keeps his deputy badge in the front left pocket, and then has a custom made rustle colored gunbelt and holster he uses for carrying his pistol. And also the rounds for his pistol. And then built a custom clip for his Lightsaber onto it. And he also carries a a satchel for carrying rounds for his rifle and shotgun.

Main Weaponry Edit

  • Sharps 1874 50-90 Rifle
  • Roper Repeater Shotgun
  • Colt SAA Revolver (5in barrel)
  • Bond Arms Derringer
  • Brown/Orange Lightsaber

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