Princess Yuna, "Yuna" is the daughter of Hiro and Princess Luna and the oldest. Her Dragon, Nightstar is a Night Fury. And she is one of the main protangonists in the Chronicles.

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Yuna is a very brave young alicorn as she is willing to go on amazing adventures no matter how risky it is. But she has a soft spot for her friends and family, however if anyone should try to destroy, take over her home, she will fight to the very end. And in most cases she believes that most beings have a chance to repent themselves, but she is quick to realize when there are those who've gone to far down the dark side that they can't repent. And Yuna is willing to put her life down for her family and friends as shown in The Riders into Darkness when she sacrificed herself to get the Space Duke's engines working again before they crashed into the surface.

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Yuna is a young alicorn with a midnight blue coat, with midnight black hair. And has Midnight dark blue eyes. And shiny blue hooves. And has a full moon for a cutie mark.

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Magic capabilities: Due to being an alicorn and offspring of the Royal Alicorns, Yuna posses a high amount of magic. She can do teleportation, telekinesis, and fire magic beams from her horn. Then when it comes to fighting beings higher in Force or magic powers, she can connect with an inner power, known as Moon Power. By then, Yuna can use it to out power bigger beings (including Bowser Koopa).

Dragon Training: Every since she met Hiccup, and found Nightstar, Yuna has become a skilled Dragon Trainer, being able to train Nightstar. And she can train other dragons that she comes across. And She even snapped Nightstar out of hypnotic control of Ernie's Bewilderbeast, Poultrion.



Force Skills:

Lightsaber Combat: Yuna is very skilled in Lightsaber combat, using Form IV: Ataru as her main form of combat. And then after finding the Lunar Saber, and using it against Nightmare Moon she began to utilize Jar'Kai style in her form of combat. And after taking Connie as her Padawan, she taught Connie how to use Form IV in Lightsaber combat.

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