Mitzi is a skunk who can make custom scents. Her dragon, a Terrible Terror, is Small Fry. And is the Padawan Master of Linny. And is also the adoptive mother of Shelby.

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Mitzi is friendly and polite. When overwhelmed, she becomes worried and tired in denial. She likes making people happy, to the point where she isn't making herself happy.

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Mitzi is a curvy, light grayish-pink skunk with white coloring inside of her ears. Her muzzle, chest, and stomach are light pink. While her Back and tail streak is pure white. With big dark pink eyebrows. And big curly eyelashes. Her eyes are a blue hue with magenta eyeshadow. Her hair is a tuft of white with light pink bangs. And she wears a pink pearl necklace

When in her Jedi Master outfit, she wears a light pink and off-white tunic, with light tan pants. And a dark brown utility belt with her name on a chrome buckle, and then a clip for her Lightsaber. And she would often wear dark gray robes.

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  • Mitzi is best friends with Charlie, Pinkie Pie, Mako, Cheese Sandwich, Pepper Clark, and Whiffle


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