Here are the main rules of the series: (so please make sure you read each one before editing)

  1. This whole series is an alternate one, meaning that it is a unique one from others created.
  2. This is a sequel series to The Chronicles of Equestria and the Isle of Berk, so most of the other characters from that series will not appear in this series.
  3. No mature, nor adult content. (this also includes having villains being killed in a very intense gorey way)
  4. The whole purpose of the points is to help this Wiki grow. It's not a contest, So don't be desperate to be up in the rank.
  5. Do not ruin other users' pages and write bad stuff in it. This wiki won't allow that kind of behavior. And do NOT add bad pictures to the wiki either!
  6. Do NOT remove stuff that is CONNECTED TO this exact series. It's not polite.
  7. Be completely honest when sharing your ideas for episodes/movies, no lying.
  8. Positively do not rewrite episodes/movies in your own way unless you are given permission by the creator (AKA the Admin). Because it violates the admin and the rules.

Penalties Edit

If you break one of these rules, you will get one these given penalties:

  1. A written warning
  2. Another Written warning
  3. Last Written Warning
  4. The page you edited that violates one of theses rules will be blocked from editing for a while
  5. You will be blocked for 1 week
  6. So please "do not" violate these rules and you will have a great time on this wiki. IF you violate any of these rules, your fired, with no chances or exceptions.

So, have a great time!