Madame Pom

Madame Pom LeBlanc is a Pomeranian who is Zoe's rival. And was Suri Polomare's Sith apprentice.

Backstory Edit

For most of the time, Madame Pom hung with Suri, and often trained with Suri Polomare in Lightsaber combat, till after extensive training, Suri gave Pom 2 Curved Lightsaber Shotos that once belonged to an older Sith.

Bio Edit

Shortly after learning of Suri's death, Pom vowed to avenge the death of her Sith master.

And then in "" Pom had her first duel with Zoe Trent

Personality Edit

Madame Pom generally seems nice to everyone, complimenting them if they have done well or pleased her. She is a little bit snobby however and tends to be too self focused and narcissistic. Especially when she deals with a rival, like Zoe. However, she keeps her wisdom and doesn't jump to conclusions.

Appearance Edit

Madame Pom is a tan-peach Pomeranian with a pale facial marking and creamy-pink tail, neck fur, and inner ears. She has a small amount of bright brown hair. Her eyes are deep blue-teal, matching her blue eyeshadow. Like Zoe she has a beauty mark near her lower lip, though Pom's is further away then Zoe's. She wears a neon pink-purple and blue gem necklace.

Main Weaponry Edit

  • 2 Red Curved-Hilt Lightsaber shotos
  • Glock 29 pistol

Trivia Edit

  • Madame Pom LeBlanc made her first appearance in