Kogger-88 is a reprogrammed Deceptitrain Security Droid that is the loyal comrade to Joshian Lamb.

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While most Deceptitrain Security Droids were effectively emotionless drones, minor errors and glitches in Kogger 's reprogramming led to the development of a fully self-aware personality. He was cynical, prone to sarcasm, and stoic, often mentioning that he had calculated the poor odds of success in any given situation (which Joshian would then refuse to hear). His sarcasm extended to the point where he would disobey minor orders and prove his ability in given missions, as seen on . He was fairly independent and frequently disobeyed orders he felt were counterproductive, scolding his organic compatriots for ignoring his advice. He genuinely regarded Lamb as a friend, however, and felt no hesitation in sacrificing himself in order to protect him and Thron Flower during their mission to destroy the Deceptitrains and their new Death Ray.

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  • Droid Strength: As a droid, Kogger was physically stronger than most other sentient beings.
  • Droid Durability: As a droid, Kogger could take far more damage than most other sentient beings.

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  • Master Analyst:' Despite not being an analyst droid,

Kogger could estimate if his allies' tactical strategies were 97% or 100% effective; it was likely that he was programmed with this feature, by the Trainbots.

  • Marksmanship: Kogger is also a Highly skilled marksman as shown when Thorn gave him a Blaster Pistol while they were in the database room as Kogger shoot at the various Deceptitrain Troopers with high accuracy and even score a few hits without looking.

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  • SZ-77 Light Repeating Blaster pistol

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