Joshian Lamb is a male Dragon Soldier, Pilot, and Intelligence Officer in a fraction of troops serving the Trainbots. and he is one main individuals who played a role in eradicating the Deceptitrains.

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Joshian is a committed, steady and practical by-the-book intelligence officer with a fair amount of combat experience. He often keeps quiet and reserved, a trait he has acquired due to his experience in war.

Physical Appearance Edit

Joshian is a male dragon with dark brown scales and a light brown under-belly, with Brown eyes. Who wears a dark blue, leather jacket with the Trainbots Logo sewn into the shoulders. and he wears a black utility belt with a holster for his Blaster pistol

Skills and Abilities Edit



Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Joshian is extremely skilled in unarmed combat.

Piloting skills:

Main Weaponry Edit

  • G309-CFE Blaster Pistol
  • Blurgg-1120 blaster pistol

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