James Savoy

James Savoy is the right-hand man of Harold Attinger and the leader of CIA black ops unit known as the Cemetery Wind.

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James was a loyal Attinger's right-hand man whom held the grudge against Cybertronians, either the good ones (mostly Autobots and Trainbots) and the evil one (mostly Decepticons and Deceptitrains). Perhaps since the death of his sister in Las Pegasus at the hands of Sentinel Prime, Timothy, and Decepticon & Deceptitrain army, it was implied that he has went insane since then. This was due to her death has drove him wrathful, ruthless and highly sadistic, taking enjoyment out of inflicting the suffering and pain toward the helpless Cybertronians and humans alike like he did to Socket and Nyx (which forced the Optimus Prime And Thomas out of their hiding). Even before his death, James himself had been twisted into somewhat thinking that Nyx, along with her Autobot and Trainbot allies and her family, mocking him over his sister's death as he went on the blind fury with his knife to stab Nyx, (but then it turned out to Peterson in disguise.) As the real Nyx lead him to his fate.

This might the reason why Attinger appointed him as his right-hand man, though his homicidal wrath eventually put into an end at the hands of The JKSH and Nyx.

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