Hanah Streaker
Hanah Streaker
is an orphaned Dragony Filly who is Kitty Katswell's padawan.

Backstory Edit

When Hanah was only 9, she and her Father were farming when the Stormtroopers came in and start attacking, while Hanah escaped, her parents were killed. So then Hanah savaged what she could from her old home and built herself a shelter outside Tatooine. Where she did a few odd jobs and took what she could from Stormtroopers. And then when Kitty and Dudley arrived, Hanah jumped into one of their attacks on a troop of Stormtroopers, and after the 3 escaped Dudley offered her to join them. At first Hanah wasn't sure but then when Kitty's Lightsaber called out to her, she later changed her mind and Kitty took her in as her padawan.

Bio Edit

Hanah continues to train with Kitty in being a Jedi and has started to see a motherly figure in Kitty, she then joins the rest of our heroes back to Canterlot and helps to fight the Changling Order on

Personality Edit

At first Hanah used to be timid and shy but after her parents were killed she became daring and brave and proves to be a tough, feisty Dragony. She may disagree many times but, all-in-all she is very loyal. And She just wants to prove herself tough, and worthy of the Jedi.

Physical Appearance Edit

Hanah is a dragony filly with a dark amber coat, a purple mane, and short cut black tail. With small grey claws and purple wings

Skills and abilities Edit

Flying skills:


Force Powers:

Lightsaber combat: After some training with Kitty, Hanah got very skilled with Lightsaber combat, taking on using Form II, but in some occasions, she would use Form IV. And from training from Dudley, she learned to also use Form V.

Fire Breath: Hanah has also revealed to be able to breath fire, but she hasn't quite gotten it right yet, for she can only breath out a small flame. But she knows if she tries hard enough, she'll soon breath fire,

Main Weaponry Edit

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