Hair Trigger's Folding Saberstaff (full extend)

Hair Trigger's Lightsaber is a double-ended, folding Lightsaber wielded by Hair Trigger.

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Hair Trigger's Lightsaber was based off the schematics of the Jedi Temple Guards' Lightsaber Pikes which featured a double-ended saber with a folding mechanism in the middle. With a spring inside it, in which when Trigger hit a switch, his saber would flip into full extend. And each end emitted a green blade. And on a one end, there was a covertec wheel placed on it, encase Hair Trigger would clip it on his belt. But then later, Hair Trigger found a good use for the folding capabilities of his saber. Hair Trigger then modified his walking stick he used when walking while carrying his minigun, to hide his Saber amongst it. Which came in handy after Order 66 was issued. As his saber wasn't recognized as a Lightsaber.

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