Hair Trigger
Hair Trigger "Trigger"
is a Russian-accented earth stallion that is a surviving Jedi Knight of Order 66 & a member of The JKSH. Who later becomes the love interest of Sharon.

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Hair Trigger is a Russian-Accented Earth Pony, well known for taking out several Sereptist Droid Armies during the Clone Wars. But is known to be a tad trigger itchy.

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Hair Trigger is a dark brown earth pony with a dark gray mane, with a firing Minigun for a cutie mark. Who wears a tan tactical vest, with tan belt and tan holster for his Revolver and is often seen carrying a dark green pack on his back for ammo for his GshG minigun. And has light forest green eyes. And when walking, he will be using a walking stick (which his own Lightsaber is disguised as part of it.)

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