Golden Tiara

Golden Tiara is the daughter of Diamond Tiara and Bronze Shoes, and Ruby Ladle's cousin.

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Like her Mother and Father, Golden Tiara is very selfish, snobby, and rude. She believes she's better than other ponies because she is rich. She is also very self centered and thinks lowly of "commoners."

Appearance Edit

Golden Tiara has a huge resemblance to Diamond Tiara when she was a filly; but she also shares her father's blue hair and blue eyes. Who wears a Golden Tiara. And has a Golden Tiara for a cutie mark.

Main Weaponry Edit

  • 2 Walther P38 Pistols
  • Pink/red dual phased Lightsaber

Trivia Edit

  • While Diamond Tiara targeted the CMC and their allies, Golden Tiara targets Button Mash & Sweetie Belle's children (and sometimes the Crystal Crusaders)

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