The Ghost Vietnam Vet Stallion is the main antagonist of The Legend of the Castle Manor.


This Stallion served in the Vietnam War with a platoon of 20 men, but during the midst of the war, he was captured by the Veit Cohm and taken prisoner where they often tortured him by leaving him sitting in mud, strung by his forelegs. Or tried him to a post and they ran knives (either red hot or not) over his body. Till finally the village where he was kept was attacked and he was freed and was taken to Castle Manor. Where he was treated for his injuries. But he never spoke about his tortures which lead to serious issues. As time went on, he began to have PTSD triggered flashbacks of the torture he went through, then one day, he finally snapped. He broke out of his room and then broke into a gunsafe, taking a Trench Shotugn from it and a box of 12 gauge (00) buck shells. As he went around the manorhouse where he encountered a pegasus filly, (which he saw as a Viet Cohm suicide bomber). As the filly screamed in fright, he then shot her dead. As a colt witnessed this and ran for his life calling for help but the crazy stallion chased him and then shot him in the back before going up to him and firing a shot at his chest, killing him too, but more brutely.  As he ran around the place firing off shot after shot. Before the guards raced in and since the stallion would not stop, they had no choice but to put him down. 


Then years later, 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Main WeaponryEdit

  • Stevens Model 520 Trench Shotgun


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