Gallus is a male griffon whom is a Jedi Guardian Ace Youngling who idolizes Anakin Skywalker, and often brags he's an awesome pilot of all space craft.

Backstory Edit

Gallus was a griffon among a smaller member of the Jedi Order consisting of most griffons. But during his training Gallus wanted to try and be like Anakin Skywalker (before he had turned to the Dark Side which Gallus hadn't a clue he did.). And in most missions that required flying, Gallus practically begged to a have a fighter of his own to join in. But he was often denied. But on most missions he was allowed to and he was shown to be just as good as Anakin was. But Gallus' snarky attitude often made him frowned upon by other Griffon Jedi. And many times there was a podrace, Gallus always tried to sign up, but was always denied joining, plus he needed a podracer of his own to compete which he hadn't one. Then one day when Gallus was asked to join a group of Griffon Jedi on a mission to reinforce some other Jedi. But by the time they had left, Order 66 was issued. And all of the Griffon Jedi at Gallus' home were murdered by their own clones. But on the cruiser, the Griffons onboard were able to out last their turned clones on the ship. Before they reached their destination where they meet up with some close allies and were given a home till then. Where Gallus would meet Dragon Jedi Youngling Smolder, and her close friend, a Zarbrak named . But soon when Darth Vader came, the Zarbrak took Gallus and Smolder to the Cruiser where they flew away before more Galactic Empire reinforcements could arrive. They would then meet up with

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Then sometime later,

Then in " " Gallus would become the Padawan of Jedi Knight Snotlout Jorgenson.

Personality Edit

Gallus is portrayed as sarcastic and rude, similar to most griffons. However, he acts more friendly and warm but maintains some level of nonchalance. And he often brags that he can fly any spacecraft ever made and often states how cool Anakin Skywalker would handle things and often times tries to imitate it. But he gets along well with Zina and Gabby

Physical Appearance Edit

As a griffon, Gallus has the head, wings and feet of an eagle and the body and tail of a lion.

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Piloting Skills:

Lightsaber Combat:

Force Skills:

Psychical Fighting:



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