Gale Whisk

Gale Whisk is a male pegasus from who served as a cargo pilot for the Deceptitrains prior to the Jedi and Sith wars. After defecting to the Trainbots, he fought alongside a group of rebels during the Battle of .

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Although Gale was a very experienced pilot, he had a tendency to be tense and hot-headed, even though he was a Deceptitrain pilot, he secretly despise the Deceptitrains and their evil ways, Gale was also brave, selfless, had a sense of justice, honor and good morals, when using trusted by with an important message by Gearbox Grime; regarding the Deceptitrains' death ray plans and a flaw in it's design, despite knowing that if the Deceptitrains discover (when they considered to be treason) that he was helping the Trainbots, it could get him killed.

Physical Appearance Edit

Gale Whisk is a male pegasus with a light blue coat, and black mane and tail. And has brown eyes. And he wears a pilot's jacket and a pair of googles. And has a pilot's control stick for a cutie mark.

Skills and Abilities Edit


Expert Pilot: Gale was extremely skilled in piloting most types of flying crafts.

Main Weaponry Edit

  • ALP-19 Blaster Pistol

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