Gail trent

Gail Trent is Zoe Trent's younger sister. Her dragon, a Terrible Terror is "Stirling."

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Gail and Zoe care a lot for each other, but she is easily willing to admit how Zoe acts sometimes, as well as her easy mistakes she tends to make from time to time.

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Gail is a pink Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with lighter pink markings. She has the same body type as Zoe and just slightly darker blue eyes. Her hair/ears are a shade of fuchsia pink with curly bangs in the center of her head. She wears a gold collar with a small white heart in the center.

When in her Jedi Master outfit, she wears a tan tunic, with a white shirt underneath, and a light brown pants. And a silver utility belt with her inttails on a chrome buckle, and then a clip for her Lightsaber. And she would often wear dark gray robes.

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