, short for Gabriella, is a female griffon youngling that the Riders and their friends found stuck on the new Xenomorph Planet. Who becomes the Padawan learner (later adopted daughter) of Princess Ember.


Gabby lived with her Parents on a colony on the planet of " " when one day when they were exploring a downed ship Gabby's father was then attacked by a Facehugger, which left Gabby screaming in fright. Then she had the unfortunate to later witness her Father being killed when a Chestbuster was born from his chest, then as time went on, several more Xenomorphs and FLOOD Infection Forms broke into the colony killing several more colonists, Gabby's mother included. But Gabby managed to stay undetected by hiding in the extensive ventilation system, building a den near the operations center. And even managed to arm herself with 2 pistols and a MP5 SMG with an M203 GL attached to it, but had limited ammo. Then she later came across WALL-E and EVE whom were low on power, as she managed to drag them back to her den. Where they remained for a long time.


Then, when the Riders and The Reacon team were searching for survivors on the planet, their life sensors picked up some life form, which turned out to be Gabby, but she was too skittish to come to them as she ran away from but she was closely followed by Ember and Zoe Trent, as Zoe managed to squeeze into the vent that lead to Gabby's den


Gabby is very cheerful and excitable, prone to fits of elated squealing and cheering. Unlike most griffons, who are perceived as unfriendly, short-tempered, and greedy, Gabby is kind, considerate, and helpful. She enjoys helping others purely for the sake of it.

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