Emperor Zurg is Buzz Lightyear's arch-nemesis, and the biggest threat to Star Command, The Jedi, and the Galactic Alliance. His main goal is to conquer them and rule over the galaxy. As well as help the Sith regain it's control.

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Zurg was known to be the most evil and destructive person in his galaxy, dedicated his entire life to have it under his iron fist by all means necessary. He is shown to be manipulative, intelligent, and ruthless, as he was willing to take down anyone that serve as an obstacle to himself or his plans. However, in the series, he can be quite campy and comedic in nature, as he tends to do several comical antics such as videotaping Buzz's speeches for his own amusement keeping a Troll doll collection, and mentioning an equally evil "Nana Zurg". He is also somewhat picky and conscientious about his schemes, claiming when politicians were being kidnapped that he would never do something "so obvious".

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Zurg is a very tall figure with purple skin, red eyes, and neon green teeth (though this appears to be part of his helmet), long gray gloves, and always wears the same purple armor and a fancy robe. When he speaks, his tone fluctuates often.

Zurg has a "Z" emblem on the front of his cape. The emblem is a secret button which can, when pressed, activate Zurg's rocket boot allowing him to fly. Although not obvious at first, due to his long robes obscuring them all the time, he does indeed have feet, once stating that he owns a pair of rocket boots that he "got on sale".

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