Dusty is one of Zeñorita Cebra's tools. She is a handsaw and is 15 years old. Along with Squeeze are female tools group. Her favorite singer is Danny Starr. As of " "Dusty always wanted to be a detective.

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

She's friendly, playful and acts like a big sister. Dusty is very smart and gives good advice and acts as the big sister. She has a childish voice but it's not her fault. Whenever Dusty sees Danny Starr she like all female, fans starts feeling lovey-dovey and she will eventually pass out. Dusty is shown to be talented at ballet and detective work. When there's a movie that involves a saw or a book that involves a saw Dusty becomes really interested and would like to watch it or read it. Dusty's favorite color is pink. Dusty seems to like feminine hair products such as hairbrushes despite the fact she can't use them. Dusty doesn't realize that she can only cut wood sometimes. Dusty's favorite movie genre is romantic because she wanted to see Sawdust Memories which is a romantic movie.

Physical Appearance Edit

Dusty has a red handle and a silver body. Unlike all the female tools she appears to have no eyelashes except when she is seen wearing her ballerina outfit which consists of a tutu and a bow.

Trivia Edit

  • Dusty makes her appearance in
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