Commander Jess (CT-70445) is the Clone Commander captain of the Black Star League. Who served The Republic's Grand Clone Army, who went into service shortly after the battle of Planexa. And participated in many battles of The Jedi and Sith Wars, As the captain of the Black Star League served as second-in-command to Jedi General Blackie.

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Personality Edit

Like clone troopers in general, Commander Jess was an obedient soldier who followed orders. Her Jedi General, Blackie, trusted Jess since the beginning of the Jedi and Sith Wars. And Jess also had a close relationship with Trixie Tang.

Physical Appearance Edit

Being cloned from Cazidy, Commander Jess shares the same body as Cazidy.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Main Weaponry and Equipment Edit


  • FC-16 Blaster Rifle
  • PRO TC-45 Heavy Blaster Pistols


During the Jedi and Sith Wars, Jess were standard Clone Equine armor (made from Beskar) that she customized by adding black and red stripes. And was known to have customized armor that protect her wings when she flew.

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