Clawout is a female Trainbot Velociraptor that Haze Terra found and took in.

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Clawout is a very intelligent and cunning warrior. As she took on the Velociraptor's skills when she once encountered some on a island, and then she scanned one in particular so she could join the pack and learn how to hunt and fight like a Velociraptor. But she stays loyal to her closest comrades and will fight to the very end to protect as shown when she 

Physical Appearance Edit

Clawout's main form is a robotic Velociraptor that's colored navy blue, as she scanned Blue the Velociraptor when she arrived on Earth. Then after joining Haze's troop, she then made her vehicle form a George England 0-4-0ST+T narrow gauge engine, also colored navy blue.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Strength and Combat:

Durability and Stamina:

Intelligence and Communication Skills:

Computer Hacking: Being a robotic velociraptor, Clawout can hook up into computer ports like an astromech Droid can. By transforming her claws into scomp links

Super Speeds: Clawout is one of the fastest land Trainbots that ever lived as she can run so incredibly fast, she appears invisible, which she can use to advantage, where she can race in places and take out several troopers in one fast pace.

Trivia Edit

  • Clawout makes her appearance in Trainbots: The Final Chapter 
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