Clara Cameo is the daughter of Apple Bloom and Ropin' Rider and is the younger sister of Eastwood.

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Clara is a very tough filly for her age and is quite head strong, as she will stand her ground in tough situations, using her cowgirl skills to solve a tough situation. And she is ready to take on any challenge in front of her.

Physical Appearance Edit

Clara Cameo is an earth pony filly with a red coat that fades into yellow at her muzzle and the ends of her hooves, (hence her name) and she has a mix burnt amber and light red hair. And has orange eyes. Clara also wears a stetson (similar to her Aunt Applejack's) with a big green bow on it (like her Mother's own bow). As she wears a brightly colored vest and a custom gunbelt that also has a clip for her Lightsaber.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Cowboy Action Shooting:

Gun Spinning:

Lightsaber Combat:

Force Skills:

Rope Tricks:

Main Weaponry Edit

  • Remington 1858 New Army (Cartridge Conversion)
  • Colt 1851 Navy (Richards-Mason Conversion)
  • Iver Johnson Snub Nose Revolver
  • Canary Yellow Lightsaber

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  • Clara Cameo makes her appearance in

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