Captain Night (CT-32610) is the Clone Trooper captain of the 204th Night Fury Battalion. Who served The Republic's Grand Clone Army, who went into service shortly after the battle of Planexa. And participated in many battles of The Jedi and Sith Wars, As the captain of the 204th Night served as second-in-command to Jedi General Hiccup and Yuna.

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Personality Edit

Night was a Clone Captain who was produced from the template of the Changling Figge. As with many of his fellow Clone troopers, Night lived to serve the Republic and to protect its citizens. While he was eager to follow orders, Night adopted a less rigid approach as the Jedi and Sith Wars wore on.

Physical Appearance Edit

Being cloned from the Changling Figge, Captain Night shares the same body as Figge, but with some differences, as he has no holes in his body, and his eyes have blue pupils.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Night was a skilled military commander and a respected leader who won the respect of his men and peers. Due to his combat experience with battle droids, Night was familiar with robolobotomy. While he was trained to wield firearms, Night was also proficient in unarmed combat.

Main Weaponry and Equipment Edit


  • PRO TC-45 Heavy Blaster Pistols


During the Jedi and Sith Wars, Night were standard Clone Equine armor (made from Beskar) colored Midnight Blue, and was known for having Night Fury Eyes on his helmet.

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