Captain Cuddles is a European polecat who is the love interest, later husband of Pepper Clark.



Captain has some very good manners and great upbringing, it shows in everything about him: how he talks, how he acts, even how he eats. He gives off an impression of a wise person, who doesn't jump to conclusions and has a good control over his emotions, which shows as he takes no offense when Pepper punches him in the foreleg. He seems to be smart as well: when Russell tells him that skunks sometimes are called polecats, he points out that skunks and polecats are not related by species.

He has a French accent and a crush on Pepper. He loves funny and good jokes.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has a cream face with a light gray eye mask, a dark gray body and his tail is dark gray as well, with cream at the bottom. He wears a light gray sweater with a red bandanna tied around his neck. He has a small crop of black hair and blue eyes.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Main WeaponryEdit

  • AMT Backup Pistol
  • LC-32 Blaster Pistol


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