MLP The Movie Capper official artwork

Capper is cat and was a con artist originally from Abyssinia. He was the first known victim of the Storm King's attack.

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Capper is a conniving and opportunistic con artist, able to sway the main characters into accepting his help with his charismatic personality and quick-thinking, with the hidden intentions of selling them to settle his debt. However, 's gesture of friendship proves enough for him to choose to throw Tempest Shadow off the Riders' trail, despite he himself being taken captive by Tempest. Capper's heroism and loyalty continues to show through the rest of the film, encouraging the ponies to rescue after captured by Tempest and joining them in the final battle against the Storm King's army.

Physical Appearance Edit

Capper is an orange cat with dark blue over his head and his tail is wrapped violet tape, possible an injury or his tail was probably cut. He wears a red jacket which he got from a ship his former friend Chummber stole after he betrayed Capper. And underneath he wears a fancy made dual shoulder holster rig for his Blaster pistols. When he arrived as Canterlot with the others hidden in a fake cake, he wore a chef's hat and bandanna. At the end of the movie, Rarity gives a black cape with blue lining over it and a hat to go with it.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Marksmanship: Capper is a highly skilled maksman as he can dual-wield his custom made blaster pistols with high accuracy and at quick speeds

Main Weaponry Edit

  • J-14E Heavy Blaster Pistols
  • Dan Wesson PPC Revolver

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