Canine is an evil Timber Wolf that lives in the woods that resides along the Crystal Canyon and is the main antagonist of The Sunlight Movie.

Bio Edit

Canine was first seen at Crystal Canyon, scouting for food, when he came across Sunlight, at tried to win her over just so he could strike, but he was foiled by Stacy Star. He then returned later, but this time face to face with Buttercream, which he was determined to eat for sure. But then Sunlight and Stacy intervened, Stacy fight up a fight with Canine, but he injured her wing. But before he could deliver the last strike, Tod and Vixey jumped in and attacked Canine. But he still put up a good fight with them as they knocked him off a cliff, but then as Sunlight went to find Buttercream, Canine appeared again. But this time, Sunlight was tired of running and charged him delivering kicks to the Timber Wolf as they came to a rickety log over a waterfall. As Canine started to close in on Sunlight, she quickly loaded her gun with the single bullet she had left. And then shot Canine in his shoulder. But Canine still tried to strike but ended up causing the log to break loose as both he and Sunlight fell down the waterfall. Sunlight survived, while Canine perished.

Personality Edit

Canine is very cruel, and quite devious. At first seen being nice, when he meets a new being but he uses it to sneak in and then he would find a way to strike the being he meets. And then when he wants to get his next meal, he will fight through anything to get it.

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