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Cadance (aka Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.) is Niece of Princess Celestia, the mother of Skyla, The Crystal Crusaders, Flurry Heart. Wife of Shining Armor, and sister-in-law of Twilight Sparkle. And her dragon a "Thornridge" is called: Eros.

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  • Alicorn Physiology: Being a Alicorn, Princess Cadance can fly and use magic.
    • Magic:
      • Spell Casting: Cadance can perform magical spells.
        • Love Inducement: Cadance can make ponies fall in love with ease other.
        • Telekinesis: Like all Alicorns, Cadance's horn glow when moving a object by using her magic.
        • Force-Fields: Cadance can form force-fields (large or small) to protect her or other ponies.
        • Magical Beam Emission: Cadance can shoot concussion beams from her horn.
        • Crystal Generation: Candace was able to create crystals to cover and fix the broken water pipe.
    • Flight: Like all Alicorns, Cadance can use her wing to fly the same way as Pegasus.
  • Lightsaber Combat: Candace is very skilled in Lightsaber combat, using Forms II, III, IV, VI. and Even knows how to use Jar'Kai.
  • Force Skills:
  • Marksmanship:

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