Brit Crust

Brittany "Brit" Crust is one of the Crust cousins, and almost the polar opposite in personality to her cousin Tiff, and the complete opposite to Jenny Wakeman. Brit is accepted and is a stereotype to those that are born popular due to her family's wealth. And she is one of Nightmare Rarity's Inquisitors.

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Brit is the more sophisticated of the two and the one who comed with the majority of the Crust cousins schemes against Jenny. Brit will constantly take advantage of her social status and constantly applied these skills to manipulate and belittle others into doing whatever she wants them to do. She maintains a cool, calculating, and often detached mindset that she uses to think on her feet at nearly any given moment.

This comes in handy and helps her come up with insults almost instantly. She like Tiff, will do anything to keep her social status as "queen of the school". This includes but not limited to causing Jenny's machines to malfunction to the point of causing a fire inside the school and endangering lives. It also seems fashion means more to her than actual power and despite welding vast supernatural powers due to wearing a dress made of some space crystal's she gave it up when she heard Crystals were out of style. After hearing this she and Tiff locked the Crystals away in a place they'd been storing clothing that was no longer fashionable.

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Brit is taller than Tiff and has darker skin. And she wears a black shirt and black pants, and a magenta coat. And Black gloves.

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