is a male zebra Jedi Knight that is a survivor of Order 66, and a member of The JKSH. Who later becomes the love interest (later husband) of Zeñorita Cebra. And then father of Aiden Shujaa, Ethel RositaRoselita Maua , and Imelda Uzuri

Bio Edit

Bomberd is a zebra from a zebra village "Zerbrocon" who has a knack of being a mechanic and making explosives. When he was young zebra colt, he was put under training in the Jedi Order in their council under their own Zebra Jedi master, and Bomberd had a lot of skill and

Personality Edit

Bomberd is quite the fast, clear minded zebra as he can work out ways of working things out using the Force as his guide. He speaks with a strong Scottish accent as most of his family comes from Scotland. And at times when he gets aggravated he turns on a gruff attitude (which as described by his fellow stallions, makes him sound like an angry Scottish shepherd). But all-in-all Bomberd tries to sustain a tough, yet clear-minded attitude in any case.

Appearance Edit

Bomberd is a light-grey zebra with black stripes, and a short spiky mane with a red bandana tied on his head. With light green eyes. Who wears a tactical vest with 2 bandoleers of Grenade shells. And a tactical belt with holsters for his Webley revolvers, and a back holster for his flare gun. And a smaller leg holster for his Enfield revolver.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Main Weaponry Edit

  • China Lake Grenade Launcher
  • 2 Webley "WG" Army Model Revolvers
  • Enfield No. 2 snubnose revolver
  • Webley & Scott No. 1 Mk. III Flare gun
  • Light Grey Lightsaber

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