Barret Barricade
Barret Barricade
is an alicorn stallion who is Princess Celestia's husband, the father of Princess Sharon and Sunlight

His dragon, a Snowy Bewilderbeast, is Sundown.

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Barret was once a poor alicorn who lived on the streets. Then he saw Celestia visiting Ponyville, and he madly fell in love with her. Then she saw him and the 2 fell in love and married, and that's when Barret became the Prince of Canterlot and got his cutie mark. Then Celestia got pregnant with Sharon, then the dragons came and Barret sacrificed himself to save Celestia and Sharon.

But then, he was brought back to life by Sharon, Sunlight. the Riders, Connie, Firestorm, the LPS gang, the Magic School Bus gang, Mushu, Brian, the Eeveelutions, Peter, the guys, the Human Mane 5, and the Crystal Prep Girls, and their new friend named "Henry". And he and Celestia had a happy reunion.

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Barret Barricade has an alicorn stallion with a blue body and hair. And during his married years he gets a beard, and has a Cross-hairs circle for a Cutie Mark.

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