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Austin is a purple kangaroo. Who is one of The Crusaders' close friends.

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Austin is the "new kangaroo on the block," so he doesn't yet know the other kids really well. He is somewhat hesitant to express his opinions, and slow to take the lead. He is often left out and rarely takes the role of the lead character in episodes, however, in most of the roles he plays, Austin ends up being a very important character in the adventures his friends have. When he overcomes his shy feeling, he gets the respect he deserves. Austin is very sweet and kind, and has a big heart. He is possibly the most sensitive one of the group. Throughout his adventures, he frequently takes the role of a humble servant, or a faithful assistant, putting his friends' needs ahead of his own and helping them in any way he can. He is not one to ask for recognition, but even so, he receives a lot of love and support from his friends for all that he does for them.

Residence Edit

Austin lives in an purple-colored house (located in Nick Jr. City) to the right of Uniqua's home. It is separated from the other characters' houses by a wooden fence. When the characters visit Austin's house for a snack, they use a door within the fence to enter Austin's front yard.

Physical Appearance Edit

Austin has purple skin and long ears. His nose and eyebrows are a darker shade of purple. Austin has a tail which comes out of the seat of his shorts and trails on the ground. He wears a light blue shirt with a yellow stripe across the middle. He wears rolled-up blue pants.

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